četvrtak, 29. prosinca 2011.

Disco connection

Everything's sparkling around me but no christmas feeling at all D: fuck
these pictures are made only probably because im addicted to bokeh gkdgkdfjg as you can see.
its cold.

subota, 17. prosinca 2011.

No quarter

So this is random. I'm not sure why exactly I'm posting dis
But hey look Courage
leaving drunk commentttt liek a mothafuckaaaaa

četvrtak, 1. prosinca 2011.

a forest

chocolate calendar thing


I didn't at all feel like editing photos, because laptop turned off 987635 times today.
IT IS INDEED DECEMBER the streets are glowing
they actually aren't
but im looking forward to all the glowing shit and decorations, jajajajajajaj
I could talk for hours now but hey, who even reads dis
and that is it. it is. that. it.

nedjelja, 13. studenoga 2011.

white summer/black mountain side

Le november! I'm really loving this, Christmas's gonna be hearrrr soon muahohoho
It's getting colder and snugly, and the sun isn't trolling anymore, so it's never enough of it. It just goes away too soon D:
I'm not really sure what ive been doing lately, probably just taking pictures and editing them
oh what fun
a'right time to eat.

subota, 29. listopada 2011.


Lovely it was, really. wow.
It IS halloween soonish and i is excited hoooeaaaajllkkj
and i got a new camera which is pretty

and yes, it is snugly cause its cold. 

utorak, 11. listopada 2011.


le drawingzsjgdfhdf


le drawingz again

I was digging out the last summer pictures to put them here. And to remember how wonderful it was while you didn't have books around your NECK
Hurrr yes but i arrrr waiting for winter because winter says YES TO JUMPERS
look at the fucking pigeon, flapping yo bitch flap flappitty plafppyullrrhhgblflappflkspy

i'll be seeing you.

nedjelja, 28. kolovoza 2011.


I guess this is all I can give you for today. oh dear.
Le very simple, and i adore this sweater. it's fluffy. and i can't wait for winter just so i can wear it. Good times.
i've been doing nothing these days, except playing the guitar and going out in the evenings, because its too hot
during the day. and still can't wait for the trip to Sicily.
thankyou for lookbook hypes and comments :v

subota, 27. kolovoza 2011.

Hold the line

So yes im blogging again muaha
Running through these pictures again is so relaxing, thinking about this summer. lovely it was.
The beach pictures (huh) are from the other day when my friends and i well..went to the beach for the entire day. dunno i'm just posting what comes first to my mind.
The picture above is from the movie called "the boat that rocked" which is amazing, i could just watch it all over again
(picture on lookbook soon D:)